Carriwell Organic Cotton Flexi Belt


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Rp 289.000


Organic Cotton Flexi-belt

You can still use your favourite Jeans during pregnancy; naturally!

The Carriwell Maternity Flexi-Belt turns your favourite pants and skirts into maternity wear. This innovative product helps expectant moms use their current wardrobe based on their firm favourites, and in so doing save a small fortune on maternity wear. 

  • Flexible: A simple solution so you are able to use your own pants and skirt during your pregnancy.
  • Comfortable: The elasticized belt ensures your comfort and freedom of movement at all times. 
  • Invisible: You can easily add fabric panels to cover the exposed zipper area when needed.
  • Organic: Carriwell organic cotton is fully certified and the belt is Nickel-Free.

The perfect solution for the busy modern mum-to-be.

Simple: Your Flexi-belt can be easily lengthened or shortened; so no fuss changing belts etc.

Save: By being able to simply use most your everyday pants and skirts throughout your pregnancy, you save money on maternity clothing.