HAENIM 7S Breast Pump - Blue


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Rp 1.950.000


Introducing Haenim 7S, world's first BLUETOOTH Breast Pump!

Why Haenim 7S?

  • Closed System, Hygenic & Safe!
  • Easy to use
  • Large battery life of 5 hours (That's 10 pump sessions!)
  • 3 funnel sizes given for better fit
  • Silicon massage pad can be used for all 3 funnel sizes
  • Gentle yet stimulating massage mode
  • Efficient expression mode
  • CONTROL VIA BLUETOOTH! Haenim 7S App works not just as a breast pump control but it is like an expressing mummy's diary!
  1. Save your fave controls and it will run automatically!
  2. Records pump session details like date/time, duration.
  3. You can input the volume expressed at each session!
  4. Graph to help you monitor your expression volume.
  5. Set reminders/alarms for your next pump session!

You've gotta try it to believe it!