Brother Max 2 Easy Hold Bowls Blue/Green

IDR 140,000.00
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Brother Max 2 Easy Hold Bowls Blue/Green 6 6

2 x Easy-hold bowl

BPA Free, Dishwasher and Microwave-safe and suitable from 4 months. Sterilizations should be done using uPang UV Sterilizer as no boiling water or hot steam is used. Simple and easy :)

  • Easy-hold bowls are ideal for baby-led weaning.
  • Encourage self-feeding whilst being easy for parent to hold too.
  • Bowls are designed to last from the first to older stages of your weaning journey.
  • You can mix & match lids with our snack pot bowl and weaning bowl set.

Before first use, clean the product. • Wash in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water or use a dishwasher (top shelf only). • Do not clean with solvents or harsh chemicals. Storage and Use: • Do not leave in direct sunlight or near a source of heat. • Do not store with or allow to come into contact with solvents or harsh chemicals. • Staining may occur if the product comes into contact with oil based foods (e.g. oil/tomato based sauces).

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