DR.EL Kids Toothpaste

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  • Ages: 3-12 Years Old
  • A natural kids toothpaste specially formulated to promote healthy tooth enamel, strengthen teeth, prevent cavities, reduce bad breath, reduce plaque formation and reduce bleeding gums.
  • Ingredients: Rosemary extract, Sage extract, Aloe extract, Green Tea extract, Chamomile extract, Eucalyptus extract.
  • Safe if swallowed, suitable for infants and kids who can not spit out toothpaste.
  • Free from harmful ingredients (No BPA, No PEG/PG, No SLS/SLES, No Paraben, No triclosan, No artificial coloring, No microbeads, No saccharin, No mineral oil, No synthetic preservative).
  • Made in Korea.
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