NANOBEBE Slim Drying Rack

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Product Description

Nanobébé’s slim drying rack is designed for fast and hygienic drying and is both practical and beautiful. Two peg heights accommodate all bottle and accessory sizes.  The pegs are removable, so you can arrange them in whichever way suits your drying needs. Nanobébé’s compact drying rack features a detachable drip tray to collect excess water, which should be emptied and washed regularly. And when drying is done, remove the pegs and store your drying rack flat for ultimate convenience.

• Stores flat – only 0.5 inches.
• Adjustable peg arrangement
• Advanced venting system
• Open design for fast, hygienic drying
• Two peg heights accommodate all bottle and accessory sizes
• Detachable drip tray collects excess water

What’s in the box:
1 x drying rack
4 x small pegs
4 x large pegs

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