Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box - Loopy Llama

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Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box

No more having to lug around multiple jars and zip lock bags of baby/toddler food that take up precious real estate in your bag! This functional Bento Mini allows you to pack a variety of foods in one handy box. Each compartment is individually sealed, meaning that you can keep your snacks fresh and separated.

Features :

  • Size : 14,5cm x 17cm x 4.8cm
  • Materials : ABS Plastic, Tritan, Silicone
  • 3 compartments plus a space for yoghurt/dip/sauce
  • The clear inner tray can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Inner tray and outter box are both dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • The lid is lined with a leak-proof silicone seat which covers each individual comparment
  • Made from 100% food-safe materials
  • BPA and Phtalate Free

Please note:
 The Mini Bento Box is designed to hold thicker liquids such as yoghurts, sauces and dips. However, it is not watertight so it may not prevent the leakage of runnier liquids such as drinks or any excess oils/juices that leak out from food items like sundried tomatoes and fruits.
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