ROTHO Bath Tub - Swedish Green

IDR 700,000.00
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ROTHO Bath Tub - Swedish Green 1000000 0

Designer bath-tub from Rotho Baydesign
In 12 exclusive colours with a special pearl-effect
Stylish baby bath-tub from the TOP Bath-line

Classy alignment with effective high polished and structured surface 
Anatomically and ergonomically shaped
With a nonskid mat 
Unique shape allows child seating on both ends 
Infant seat with nonskid bolster and an arm-rest for parents

Measurements: 765 x 445 x 220 mm

Please note: Midwifes recommend a maximal water height from 100 mm (=12 liters) 

Integrated drain plug
Practical carry handels 
Easy to clean: just wash out with soap water 
Made off high-quality, recyclable Polypropylene robust, thick-walled and long-lasting quality 
Tested at chemical harmlessness through an independent and approved test institution 
Label product: Made in Germany

Please note : use with this product only original accessories from Rotho Babydesign: bath stand foldable Item No. 20095/ bath stand High adustable & foldable item no. 20096, bath seat item no. 20013, draining tube item no. 20069

Quality of Rotho Babydesign is since over 10 years a reliable parameter for parents and babies. Safety and Comfort for your baby have the highest priority.

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