Steri Bottle 5-Pack

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Steri-bottle is one of the UKs top selling baby bottles.

Invented by a parent who knows how precious time can be Steri-bottle is one of the UKs top selling baby bottles.

Steri-bottle Ltd is a UK private company with offices in London, England, and production facilities in Budapest.

Our product has been feeding babies and saving UK mums and dads thousands and thousands of hours of bottle washing and sterilising since 2000.

Now parents around the world will be able to save time and effort as Steri-bottle expands distribution to North America, Asia, and Europe.

Steri-bottle is not like other baby feeding bottles that need to be repeatedly washed and reused. Our product is single-use and ready to use straight from the box. This ensures that your baby drinks from a brand-new, clean and hygienic bottle everytime he feeds. Steri-bottle is 100% recyclable and BPA free too.

Even our packaging is recyclable so Steri-bottle is not just great for your baby, its also kind on the environment.
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