UPANG+ UV Sterilizer Pink

IDR 4,090,000.00
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UPANG+ UV Sterilizer Pink 1000000 0
Fitur Produk
  • UV Sterilizer
  • Rotating Dual UV Lamp
  • Kapasitas uPang Plus+ lebih besar sehingga dapat digunakan hingga 25 botol
  • Double Door Layer, seamless & modern touch pad button
  • Interior dari super mirror 304 stainless steel 

Keep your baby away from harmful germs with Upang.

With powerful dual UV lights, Upang will kill more than 99.9% of harmful germs an bacteria. With this all-in-one sterilizer, you can dry, sterilize, and remove odors at the touch of a button. Sterilizing baby bottles doesn't have to be more work than necessary.

Designed with busy parents in mind, let Upang take care of all the work for you. Spend more time with your precious baby & worry less.

Dimensions: 12.8 x 15.9 x 17.6 inch (32.5 x 40.5 x 44.6 cm)
Included: 1 stainless steel shelf, 1stainless steel basket, 1 infrared ray electric bulb, 2 UV ray lamps, 1 manual
1 year manufacturer warranty
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