VIOLI Dream Baby Swing - Gray

IDR 2,290,000.00
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VIOLI Dream Baby Swing - Gray 3 3


Available Colors in Gray and White

Dimensi Baby Chair Oval Shape 50 x 75cm, Height/Tinggi 50cm

Dimensi Rangka Oval Shape 60 x 68cm. Max 15kg

Setiap unit Violi Swing termasuk Kelambu yang bisa Dilepas dan Mainan Gantung. Semua mainan berwarna Hijau dan Putih

All units include Detachable Mosquito Net and Hanging Toys. All Toys are in Green and White

Fitur-fitur VIOLI – DREAM:

•Mode Swing Swivel / Swing Swivel Mode

•5 Pengaturan Kecepatan / 5 Setting for Swing Speed

•Termasuk Remot / Includes Remote control

•Fungsi Musik / Music Function

•Pengaturan Volume / Volume Setting

•Sabuk Pengaman / Safety Belt

•Setting Timer / Timer Setting

•Mainkan Musik dari Handphone / Play Songs from Mobile Phones

•Termasuk Kelambu / Includes Mosquito Net

•Termasuk Mainan Gantung / Includes Hanging Toys

•Bahan Lembut, Nyaman dan Aman / Soft, Comfortable and Safe Fabric

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